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Need information on vision therapy?  Would you like to find a provider in your area?  Want to meet other patients or parents going through similar struggles.  Need help with insurance coverage for VT? 

Please see the resources below.

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The College of Optometrists in Vision Development is the largest organization of providers of vision therapy. You can find a provider near you and find a lot of other information about vision therapy.

This website is dedicated to answering common questions about vision therapy.

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Social Media Support Groups

Below you will find links to support groups from Social Media sites. As the content is driven by the public, we cannot guarantee the validity of the content.

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Insurance Coverage
for Vision Therapy

Most providers of vision therapy are out-of-network providers with insurance plans.  Insurance plans place significant restrictions on vision therapy services.  Some limit the number of sessions and some limit when vision therapy can begin based on certain conditions.  In addition, even the plans that do offer coverage for vision therapy, they only contribute a very small portion of the total cost of vision therapy.  For that reason, most providers find it best for their patients to not accept insurance.

Need financial help for vision therapy?  You are welcome to apply for financial assistance through our organization by clicking on the button to fill out our scholarship application. 

*We will contact local providers on your behalf to provide discounts on services.

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